Unable to Select Custom Table in Node Builder
Good Afternoon,
  I have a custom table in SQL which I need to expose in SC by creating a new node in Node Builder.  When I go to select the table in Node Builder, the custom table does not show up in the list of available tables.  I have verified that I have selected the correct database and updated the permissions on the table allow select, update, and insert.  Is there any other reason that would restrict custom tables from being selected in Node Builder?
  If so, is there a work around to create nodes for custom tables?

1 Answer

Lorren Zemke June 2, 2015 at 3:12pm
The tables list in Node Builder is based on data retrieve from the products installed at the customer site when running the SmartConnect GP Resource Cache. This will read the Dex.ini file, determine the products loaded and update the SCXXXXX tables in the DYNAMICS database with that information.
Node builder then reads those tables to show what is available.
  1. "This will read the Dex.ini file...."

    Lorren meant the Dynamics.set here and not Dex.ini.

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