Dynamics GP Nodes not showing in SmartConnect 2016
In a test environment I installed eOne SmartConnect 2016 ( This has Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 (16.00.0404) loaded. In the installation, I chose to install the SmartConnect Database, SmartConnect User Interface and eConnect for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 64bit. I had no errors when installing eConnect or SmartConnect.
After launching SmartConnect and registering it, I let the system maintenance run to install the SQL objects. I went into the Setup tab and selected Setup. I selected SmartConnect Dynamics GP Connector and Connector Setup. I selected the GP version of GP2016, typed in my Server, DYNAMICS for the Dynamics DB Name, using sa to login and have the default company of Fabrikam. I selected Save and answered OK to the message re-registering the GP Connection details of all GP Real Time Data Sources and SmartLists and then it said the Microsoft Dynamics GP map update completed. 
I loaded the SmartConnect GP Addin, launched GP, included the new code and created the GP Resource Cache.
Within SmartConnect, when I go to Node Maintenance, I see the group of Dynamics GP Nodes but it does not open up. When I look in the Nodes table in the SmartConnect database, it is empty. When I setup my test system, I did this prior to downloading SmartConnect. It is on Windows Server 2012 R2 and SQL 2016. The compatibility of SQL 2016 was not listed for SmartConnect. Is there an issue loading the SmartConnect Dynamics GP Connector nodes in SQL 2016 or I am I missing a step in my installation?

1 Answer

From the SmartConnect Setup menu, click on the System Maintenance button and then click Process. This will actually create the Dynamics GP Nodes within SmartConnect.
  1. Michael Frayer June 27, 2016 at 3:16pm
    Lorren, I thought I had done that before. It may have thrown me off that nothing was showing under the details. After selecting Process within System Maintenance, it did install the nodes. Thank you for your help.

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