Employee Spotlight: Dusty Holmes – Technical Consultant

  Wednesday, April 19, 2017   /     Natalie Schneider   /     0 Comments
The latest member to (re)join the eOne family is Dusty Holmes. Dusty is back with the team in our Fargo, ND office, after a number of years away. We're excited to have him back with us! Read more about Dusty below: … [Read More]

Tech Tuesday: Payables Transaction Distribution SmartList with corresponding GL Transaction

  Tuesday, April 18, 2017   /     Nicole Albertson   /     0 Comments
A lot of requests come in for a SmartList that will show the GL Journal Entry information for a Payables Transaction Distribution.  This can be built using SmartList Builder. … [Read More]

eOne’s Guest Blog for Key2Act – Integrating Systems to Work as One Solution

  Monday, April 17, 2017   /     Abbey Cooper   /     0 Comments
We love taking our partnerships to the next level by sharing content and ideas with mutual customers. Thank you, Key2Act, for asking us to share a guest blog as part of your new ISV series.  … [Read More]

Tech Tuesday: Removing Unwanted CRM Entities From SmartConnect Mapping

  Tuesday, April 11, 2017   /     Chris Dew   /     0 Comments
I've often seen customers that have begun an integration or migration process to Dynamics CRM and have added entities that they really didn't want as part of that map or maybe are no longer needed as business requirements have changed. In the following article, we will walk through the steps to… [Read More]
Dynamics 365 Field Service and NAV 365 Financials Integration Templates

Introducing Dynamics 365 Field Service – NAV/365 Financials Integration Templates

  Monday, April 10, 2017   /     Katie Soderberg   /     0 Comments
We’re pleased to introduce SmartConnect integration templates that allow you to synchronize data and handle the initial bulk data loads required when you’re integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service with Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Financials.   … [Read More]

SmartConnect + Dynamics 365: Check out the 1-minute overview video!

  Friday, April 7, 2017   /     Katie Soderberg   /     0 Comments
As you may have seen, last December, eOne Solutions released SmartConnect 2016, which offers support for integrating with Microsoft Dynamics 365.   … [Read More]

Dynamics GP: Stop Asking For Features

  Thursday, April 6, 2017   /     Martin Olsen   /     1 Comment
Dynamics GP: Stop asking for new features. … [Read More]

Tech Tuesday : Using a Script to Replicate a Folder Data Source

  Wednesday, April 5, 2017   /     Chris Hanson   /     2 Comments
A request that we have seen occasionally from different clients is that they want the flexibility of a folder data source, but the functionality of an ODBC connection when using a flat file as a data source. We’ve written a script that can be applied to any flat file (Excel, text, XML, etc.) which… [Read More]

Employee Spotlight : Saundra Sperle – Accountant/Business Manager

  Tuesday, April 4, 2017   /     Natalie Schneider   /     0 Comments
We're happy to welcome another member to our eOne family! Saundra Sperle joined the team in our Fargo office back in March as our new Accountant/Business Manager. Get to know Saundra by reading more below! … [Read More]

Tech Tuesday: Using XSL Transforms in SmartConnect

  Tuesday, March 28, 2017   /     Lorren Zemke   /     0 Comments
While there are a lot of applications that use XML files as a way to describe the data that is being exported out of their system there is no industry standard on the format in which XML documents are created. I have seen some pretty crazy file layouts that make it almost impossible to import using… [Read More]


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