Tech Thursday: Security for the Modify button in SmartList

  Thursday, September 22, 2016   /     Nicole Albertson   /     0 Comments
We see a lot of customers inadvertently clicking the Modify button in SmartList.  By clicking this, some of them are actually modifying a default SmartList.  You can tell this by clicking the Modify button again and there will be an asterisk at the end of the SmartList ID. … [Read More]

Add the Smartner Party to Your ReImagine Schedule

  Thursday, September 15, 2016   /     Abbey Cooper   /     0 Comments
Attention Dynamics GP Partners! … [Read More]

Tech Tuesday: Restricting Dynamics CRM Dates To The Current Year

  Tuesday, September 13, 2016   /     Chris Dew   /     0 Comments
Working with date fields in data can be a challenge and one of those challenges is why you have this subject today. One of our customers asked me if we could restrict some Dynamics CRM data by only pulling records for the current year. I think a few other people may want to do something similar so… [Read More]

Calling MySQL Stored Procedures

  Tuesday, September 13, 2016   /     Lorren Zemke   /     0 Comments
How do I call a stored procedure in my MySQL database using SmartConnect? … [Read More]

Creating Your First SmartConnect Integration

  Friday, September 2, 2016   /     Katie Soderberg   /     0 Comments
Following are steps, from a high-level, for creating your first SmartConnect integration: … [Read More]

Tech Tuesday: Understanding Dynamics GP eConnect Errors

  Tuesday, August 30, 2016   /     Lorren Zemke   /     0 Comments
It's inevitable that when creating an integration to Dynamics GP there are going to be errors returned at some point in the process due source data differences, mapping data incorrectly or differences in eConnect business logic. We might have missing vendors or customers or distributions amounts… [Read More]

Tech Tuesday: Using ODBC Connection to Query Data from an Excel File

  Tuesday, August 23, 2016   /     Jared Dux   /     0 Comments
Most often when a user needs to use an Excel file for their source data in SmartConnect they choose Microsoft Excel as their Data Source and then choose the Sheet that contains the data they need. This sample pulls all the records from the selected sheet. Another option that will allow more… [Read More]

SmartView 2016 has Released

  Friday, August 19, 2016   /     Nicole Albertson   /     0 Comments
We are very happy to announce that SmartView 2016 released.  On the eOne Solutions website, you will find a new SmartView 2016 release as well as a new SmartView External release (Build 43).  The SmartView 2016 release is a compatibility release to allow SmartView Internal to work with Microsoft… [Read More]

Tech Tuesday: How to Restart the SmartConnect Scheduling Service Using a Batch File

  Thursday, August 18, 2016   /     David Youngquist   /     0 Comments
Have you ever wanted to restart your SmartConnect scheduling service without having to manually go into services and restarting it? This week's article will show you how to create scheduled task that runs a batch file to restart the SmartConnect scheduling service.On the machine where the… [Read More]

Tech Tuesday: Displaying SQL Data with Restrictions Using Extender Enterprise

  Wednesday, August 17, 2016   /     Patrick Roth   /     3 Comments
My customer had interesting request the other day.He had a SQL Query that he wanted to run, filter the query by a column or two, and he wanted to do this using Extender Enterprise.That took me off-guard a bit since to me the "correct" tool would be to use SmartList Builder to create the report since… [Read More]


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