Smartner Party 2017!

By Natalie Schneider, Marketing Specialist Thursday, August 3, 2017

Attention Everyone Attending the GP Tech Conference in Fargo this week. You are required to attend the 
4th annual Smartner Party, so that we can say thank you for your support this year.  We will thank you by proving an awesome local band, all you can drink buffet, together with the brightest and best of the GP community! 

Join us on Tuesday, August 8th at 8pm at Hennesey’s Irish Pub in Fargo for drinks, fun, and a great time with the eOne crew. (Note that the party starts after the Microsoft Reception. Shuttle buses will be available for rides between Microsoft and Hennesey’s Irish pub). 

Be there – or go to bed Early.  We know how to celebrate GP like it should be! 

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Written By Natalie Schneider , Marketing Specialist

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