New Releases of SmartView 2013 and SmartView External

By Nicole Albertson, Product Specialist Wednesday, February 12, 2014

We are happy to announce that we have released new builds of SmartView 2013 and SmartView External, which you can find here.  

The major change to SmartView and SmartView External is allowing them to take advantage of the new SmartList Builder features such as the Auto Refresh and Modify/New buttons.

There is also a new feature for the viewing of the different document statuses. Depending on the transaction list you are running, you will have the option to mark a status to quickly view only the documents that match that status.

The look and navigation of SmartView and SmartView External has also changed to update the icons and display grids.

Have you had a moment to check out SmartView? If not, sign up for our weekly demo here or take a look at some of our SmartView videos

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Written By Nicole Albertson , Product Specialist

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