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Implementation Services

Configurable software must be configured

eOne builds software tools that are entirely configurable and help turn regular people into software developers without having to write code. Adding eOne products helps you get so much more out of your software investment by helping you easily tailor your solutions to fit your specific business needs.

This absolute flexibility is fantastic, but does mean that our tools must be configured. Out of the box, and without the eOne templates, the eOne software actually does not do anything - until you tell it what to do.

Do not make the leap alone

Starting with a blank canvas can make it difficult to know where to begin. Unless you are one of those courageous folk who love to leap into new projects alone - there is no need to leap into an eOne software project with trepidation.

To help our customers get started and to complete projects, we have built up a team of software implementation experts that know everything there is to know about all of our products. Whether you want some online training before you get started, some help to review your solution design, someone technical to complete the install and setup, or a guru to come in and audit the work you have done in house - then we have the right people.

The Gold Medal Implementation Team

eOne employs only the very best people. We believe in seeing projects through from start to finish and will promise that you can always deal with the same guru. The person that starts your project with you will be the person who sits on every project meeting and sees you through to the completion of another ragingly successful eOne software project.

If they gave out gold medals for implementing SmartConnect or eXtender then the eOne team would take Gold, Silver and Bronze every time. As a team we have literally completed thousands of projects - some of which were small, 4 hour jobs, and others that were large enterprise-changing projects.

Big on Ideas but Short on Time

Not only can we take a project from start to finish - giving you an estimate and a detailed spec to begin - but we also have a number of options for you to choose your level of involvement. Take time to look at the Configuration and Design page to see how we can complete everything you need. Also, have a look at the Installation page which shares the number of service packs we have available for our customers. (You'll get more bang for your buck with service packs, anyway!)

Don't just take our word for it...

"The team at eOne was fantastic, and kept coming up with better ideas and efficiencies each time we spoke. We used eOne for some of the logic layer configurations, and the beauty of this is that the changes are accessible to us so we can update it, or use any VAR we choose. We are not locked in." - Troy Kent, IT Manager at Auto-Chlor.

See full case study here.

Paramount Residential Mortgage Group (PRMG) utilized the eOne team to assist in creating over 25 integrations and, as a result, cut out unneccessary data entry - saving time and valuable resources.

See full case study here.

If you'd like to speak with an eOne team member about your possible project, please Email eOne Sales